I´m proud to be a member of the Norwegian Packaging Union

I´m proud to be a member of the Norwegian packaging union along with its diverse boards and associated clusters

Published 24. June 2024 / Skanem Group

Our first of two annual meetings of 2024 saw Norwegian leaders in packaging and product decoration come together as we convened to share insights and project assumptions for 2024, with a particular focus on the latest developments in PPWR (Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation) and the SUP directives (Single Use Plastic). Welcomed and led by Emballasjeforeningen´s Chairwoman, Alvhild Hedstein.

📣 Big shout out to the facilitators and contributors – I urge my network to check them out:

👏 The Norwegian Packaging Union - Emballasje - emballasjeforeningen

👏 FiberFocus -

👏 Circular Packaging Cluster -

👏 Packaging research -

👏 Forum for circular platsic packaging -

This year's meeting theme was "Interaction and Synergies: Key Competence Areas and Development for Future Growth". Focusing on identifying essential areas of expertise and strategies for competence development in the face of evolving industry dynamics.

It´s always a treat to fuel up on real industry thought leadership and this year's program did not disappoint:

🤝 NHO lawyer Andreas Pihlstrøm spoke on the Plastic Partnership Agreement (Plastpartneskapsavtalen) between the business community and the government.

🥙 Director of Analysis and Policy at NHO Mat og Drikke - Food Drink Norway, Terje Sletnes, spoke on a new Food Waste Law proposal.

📦 Ruth Nilsen, Marketing Director at Glomma Papp AS Papp, shared interesting thoughts on the "PPWR: Consequences/Opportunities in Corrugated Packaging".

♻️As well did Svein Erik Strand Rødvik, CEO at Norsk Returkartong, with his talk on: "PPWR: What Will the EU's New Proposal for Packaging Regulations Mean for Norsk Returkartong and Its Members, and What is the Current Status?"

Marit Kvalvag Pettersen, Senior Researcher, Nofima, shared information about the R3-Plast Project, which was recently approved (

Lastly, Erlend Vagnild Fuglum, Director at Bryggeri- og Drikkevareforeningen, spoke on "What Does the EU's New Proposal for Packaging Regulations Entail, and What is the Current Status?"

This agenda showcases our dedication to leading the packaging industry towards more sustainable and innovative practices.

💡 @Skanem Group is committed to staying at the forefront of these changes, especially in product development. We are dedicated to fostering close partnerships within the packaging community to lead the way in innovation and sustainability.