Leading the Change: Corvus Energy and Bergen Plastics Forge a Sustainable Future

Corvus Energy has taken a significant step towards sustainability by shifting from international to local sourcing for a vital plastic component used in battery production. This new partnership with Bergen Plastics, located just across the street from their factory in Midtun, Norway, exemplifies their commitment to reducing carbon footprint and enhancing delivery reliability.

Published 24. June 2024 / Skanem Group

In a significant shift towards local sourcing and sustainability, Corvus Energy has made a remarkable transition from relying on international suppliers to embracing a local partnership. A critical plastic component for battery production, once imported all the way from China, is now being sourced just across the street from Corvus Energy's factory in Midtun, Norway. This shift comes as Corvus Energy enters a long-term agreement with Bergen Plastics, a local company renowned for its quality and competitive pricing.

This collaboration marks a pivotal move from international to local sourcing, significantly reducing the carbon footprint associated with long-distance transportation and enhancing the reliability of deliveries. Bergen Plastics, established in 1947 and Skanem-owned since 2023, has proven its capability to match and even surpass the previous Chinese supplier in both price and quality. This reinforces Corvus Energy's commitment to environmental responsibility and underscores their ability to meet stringent quality demands competitively.

"Production of parts for the industry is what we have been doing the longest. This agreement helps to strengthen the foundation of our business," stated Jan Atle Lossius Ellingsen, Managing Director of Bergen Plastics, in an article published by Bergens Tidende.

With approximately 11,000 parts manufactured weekly to keep the production lines running smoothly, this change is not just about meeting demand—it's about optimizing it sustainably. Corvus Energy’s CEO, Fredrik Witte, expressed his satisfaction with the new partnership, stating, "We are very pleased to be able to enter into a long-term agreement in the million NOK class with our next-door neighbour."

This strategic alliance not only highlights the benefits of local sourcing but also sets a precedent for other companies aiming to enhance sustainability while maintaining high standards of quality and cost-effectiveness.

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