Meet our new brand!

The needs of the world are changing, and we’re evolving to meet them.

Published 24. June 2024 / Skanem Group

Skanem brand

We are evolving by expanding our business areas within packaging.

With the acquisition of Bergen Plastics AS and Heger AS at the end of last year, we have added plastic packaging to our portfolio in addition to product decoration. This is the first step towards taking an active role within sustainable packaging. Those companies, both located in Norway, have now been renamed Skanem Bergen AS and Skanem Rjukan AS respectively.

Our vision is to create a responsible future in packaging.

We are also evolving by updating our vision and refreshing our visual identity.

We have rebranded Skanem to signal our strategic direction. Our new brand reflects our modernization as a company.

"We always aspire to be a uniquely reliable partner for our customers. For the industry as a whole, sustainability is more important than ever. Therefore, we measure success not only through profitable growth, but by the positive impact we have on the planet and society, says Maryne Lemvik" , CEO of Skanem Group.

We have a long and rich history. Since our foundation in 1905, Skanem has continuously evolved within packaging while adapting to trends and shifting market demands. Today, the products we make are used by millions of people every day around the world.

We employ talented and diverse teams who make that possible.

As we continue our journey, we have implemented reliable and ethical practices that help our customers succeed by ensuring that our packaging solutions meet expected standards.

About our new visual identity

Fresh, clean and modern are the words we use to describe our new brand. Our logo, the colors, the look and feel and the graphic elements of our brand work together to tell our story. Everything from our color palette to the graphics are carefully selected. It is inspired by Scandinavian nature, and at the same time, there is a warmth that reflects the hearts of our people.

Every element reflects our vision and our personality, as well as the scope of products and services that we deliver.

«This is more than a brand refresh. Our logo symbolizes growth, unity, and our future aspirations. The two half circles are a nod to how we work to build trusted partnerships. Our driven approach is always genuine and friendly.»

Maryne Lemvik, Group CEO at Skanem

About the Skanem Group

Founded in 1905, Skanem Group is an international labelling and packaging group. They have operations in Africa and India, where the entire portfolio of product decoration is delivered to several market segments, such as beverage, personal care, food, home care, pharmaceuticals, automotive, and industrial. The Group is headquartered in Stavanger, Norway. The Group has approx. 400 employees and had a turnover of NOK 336 million in 2022.